Saturday, February 5, 2011


Another busy week. I finished a few projects and started 3 others. :) I love how this challenges inspires me to be creative around my house. However, I'm starting to get depressed about clothing. I found a consignment store that is right by my future office (I'm starting work in March!) and I might find things there on occasion. I came really close to buying some $200 jeans for $65...gray straight which I have been wanting for a my size. But when I went back on Monday the store was close and Tuesday started a spending fast. Spending fast...what...isn't that what I'm already doing. Oh, Cami, how do I let you drag me into this stuff. fact that is the sweet thing about Cami. She doesn't pressure you and really even try to persuade you, but she does make you want to be just like her. :) Really I need it...I still have that need to consume even if it is used things so this will be good for me.

The spending fast:
no purchases but food, gas, rent, etc...the bare necessities.

my exception because that is my specialty:
items under $10 needed to finish items to new projects...because if I actually do start working next month I'll have less time than I do now.

Here are my FOs for this week (that is an acronym for finished objects...UFO is unfinished..)

Pants for Simon with the help of Cami:

What my boys do while I make things:

Please, Jack, stay this age forever...can't get enough!

Hat for the We Love Jenny Auction of Valentine's Day...please support this auction! Information on how to donate and/or purchase is here:

Jeff's vday present to come...

And btw I am not blogging weekly anymore...I just used half an hour of precious time. Maybe biweekly, bimonthly or monthly (don't you love how biweekly is every 2 weeks, but bimonthly is twice a month...whatever)

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  1. Oh my goodness, you are too sweet. I don't try to persuade anyone to do my crazy ideas because I KNOW they're crazy and don't understand why anyone but me would think they would be interesting, so I appreciate that you do. And it it a bunch more fun when I have a buddy! So thanks for that.

    I LOVE the way Simon's pants turned out. Does he like them?

    And yes, Jack should definitely stay this age. He is so sweet an I love hearing our boys play together while we sew.