Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I must share!

If you are looking for a light weight summer t-shirt that doesn't need an undershirt and covers all your underroos this is it! A nice scoop that isn't too low, but adds style. Loose fitting, thus cooler. This cut also has a little more style than your average tee. This is a hot summer necessity! I'm so tempted to get another. I was lucky enough to find mine on sale in a coral color they don't seem to have anymore.

Perhaps a little more price-wise than your average 2 shirt, but get 1 of these instead of 3 from Target. Too bad they don't have more colors!

Some of the reviewers said this was perfect for wearing to bed. Ha ha...perhaps I am wearing a PJ shirt, but I don't care. If it takes calling it PJs for Anthropologie to make a knit top under $60 then I'll take it!

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